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Lib Tech Dark Series C2X 2012 Snowboard

Lib Tech Dark Series C2X 2012 Snowboard

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Lib Tech Dark Series C2X 2012 Snowboard
3-D Organic Torsion Box All Terrain Freestyle
c2btxbio beansbasaltThe Dark Series’ Volcanic Organic Technormous Broknowlogy is ridden, designed & tested by Alister Shultz, Kurt Jenson & James Steinteford and is the board of choice for the Lib Tech experiMENTAL division’s Apostolos “Pos” Karabotsos.
C2 Power Banana Camber / Banana Blend (C2BTX)
Mervin’s favorite blend for aggressive power snowboarders pushing the envelope. Rocker between your feet blended with a radial camber to contact points. Focuses pressure between your feet for easy turns, great edge hold on ice and our maximum amount of pressure to the tip and tails for power end-to-end stability, pop and maximum control in critical situations while maintaining float.
Twin All Terrain Freestyle Freeride
Excels: in all conditions.
Epic: big landings & critical lines.
Magne-Traction (MTX)
Magne-Traction serrated edges cut into the snow like a knife giving you more edge hold and control than ever before.  Magne-Traction features 7 strategically located and sized bumps along each side of your sidecut.  The Biggest bumps are at and between your feet where your balance is centered adding maximum control and power where you need it most.  The bumps outside your feet are smaller and less aggressive providing tip and tail control but maintaining freestyle freedom.  Magne-Traction is wiggles that work. Viva Technology.
One of the best things about Magne-Traction is that the extra edge hold you get allows you to ride your board de-tuned for the park and rails and still get great edge hold all over the mountain. Take a file and round your edges so they don’t hang up on the rails, boxes, or ledges. Then go ride everywhere!