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What is Liberty Boardshop?

We are a skateshop that sells skateboards and snowboards. We also happen to sell clothing, shoes, and accessories that are skate and snow related.

Why shop with us?

Because we are committed to you, the customer.
We want you to have a pleasant shopping experience.
Live inventory - meaning we have what we sell.
We do not back order or sell things that we do not have.
We skate and we snowboard.

The Liberty Boardshop Story, as told in the first person by Matthew Pindroh

In early 1992 it seemed as though there were very few skateboarders and snowboarders in the world, and even fewer people who respected these activities. All the lawyers closed the skate parks, all the local mountains were on the verge of closing their operations due to lack of interest in Skiing. Our lifestyle of skateboarding and snowboarding was looked down upon by our peers, and we were seen as outcasts.

Frustrated that I had to travel all over Southern California to find a shop that carried only skateboard and snowboard brands, (not sold next to rollerblades & boogie boards), I scraped together all the money I could borrow to turn my love and passion for skateboarding and snowboarding into a business. I couldn’t accept the commercialization and lack of interest that other shops showed in this lifestyle any longer.

In March of 1993 I opened the doors of Liberty Board Shop, in Brea California. Liberty by definition means; freedom from captivity, slavery, imprisonment, or despotic control by others; the right to do as one chooses. As the years have passed many people have opened more and more stores, the industry has become bigger and bigger - and what was once original has entered the main stream. YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE! I encourage you to use this freedom and support what you think is real. We all live this lifestyle here at Liberty Boardshop and are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers both in the store and online. We warehouse our own inventory, and all of the product on the site is live and updated daily. Our goal is to bring a hassle free shopping experience with a wide variety of product choices. We love what we do, thank you for visiting

Matthew Pindroh
Owner/Founder, Liberty Boardshop Inc.

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Our Store Location:
Liberty Boardshop
330 N. Brea Blvd #B
Brea, CA 92821

Our Warehouse Location: (No Soliciting Please)
840 Columbia St. #A
Brea, CA 92821


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